Adobe Zii For Mac 2023 V7.0.1 All Adobe Activator For MacOS

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Adobe Zii For Mac 2023 V7.0.1 All Adobe Activator For MacOS

Adobe Zii Patcher 7.0.1 For Mac/Windows Free Download 2023

Adobe Zii 2023 Crack or Adobe Zii Patcher 2023 is a one-click software program patcher tool for Mac and its newest version has full help for CC 2015, CC 2018, CC 2019, CC 2020, CC 2021, and CC 2022 software programs. Its capabilities very easily take on every area. You’d discover it very stable and Mac users ought to surely have this software. So, you will find all of the CC within the folder called Applications and patch Amtlib. framework. However, if one wants to patch it manually, they will do it by dragging and dropping software programs onto Adobe Zii patcher for one-click apps. This incredible app helps OS X 10. eight or higher and also helps all the other CC 2015, CC 2015 CC 2017 CC 2018 CC 2019 CC 2020 CC 2021 CC 2022.


Adobe Zii 7.0.1 Crack [MAC-Win] Download Full

Furthermore, Adobe Zii offers 5.0, 4.0, and 3.0 downloads. The newest version totally supports all the latest versions and so on. Zii latest version also supports CC 2015-2018-2019-2020-2021-2022. So, you can download and try your iMac PC. Adobe Zii is a great tool to help you perfectly activate/crack all applications of Adobe CC 2015 ~ 2021 with one click. It was made by the T.N.T group, which only supports the Mac platform. With this, you may simply activate the desired Adobe application.

Probably the most recommended Zii process to do and has been up to date to the fourth version being compatible with CC 2019, CC 2020, CC 2021, and CC 2022. You have to set it up by downloading it and DMG files must be mounted first and do run .pkg to install. Keep in mind the set directory that you earlier set for the installation. Do open the location where the file was installed and Adobe Zii Patcher Mac is there to help you in active free CC 2018 or CC 2019 or CC 2020 or CC 2021 or CC 2022 which has been inserted in your MAC device.

Adobe Zii CC Crack With Keygen Free Download [Latest]

Then click ‘Patch’ to crack, it will also automatically find all installed Adobe products in the Applications folder and patch the Amtlib. framework file; if you use another crack method – drag & drop, it will manually patch any Adobe applications you drop on Adobe Zii. The focus is, Adobe Zii only takes up very little memory, and has a pretty smooth and clean cracking process (just drag & drop). Especially, after activation, the use and running of Adobe applications are very stable. Adobe Zii can automatically find all installed Adobe products in the Applications folder and patches Amtlib. framework. And it’s also able to manually patch any Adobe application you drop on this patcher.

What is ZII?

Zii is the best application for activating any CC version. Moreover, Zii means Adobe Zii means it is a small software to help you active cc. Its application’s full name is Adobe Zii patcher but many people know the short name is Adobe Zii. It application patcher makes the Russian Developer name TNT team. Here we just explain What is Adobe Zii? or Adobe Zii Patcher? question.

Mac software that can currently be cracked:

  • Acrobat DC v20 – 21-22
  • After Effects 2022
  • Animate 2022
  • Audition 2022
  • Bridge 2022
  • Character Animator 2022
  • Dimension v3+
  • Dreamweaver 2022
  • Illustrator 2022
  • InCopy 2022
  • InDesign 2022
  • InDesign Server 2022
  • Adobe Lightroom Classic v10
  • Media Encoder 2022
  • Photoshop 2022
  • Prelude 2022
  • Premiere Pro 2022
  • Premiere Rush v1.5+
  • Adobe XD v34 – 41- 50+
  • Photoshop Elements 2022
  • Premiere Elements 2022
  • For other applications, please wait for TNT’s crack

Supported OS

  • Mac 10.8+
  • Compatible with all products of Adobe CC 2015/2015.5/2016/2017/2018/2019/2020/2021

Installation Notes

  1. Disable your Internet connection
  2. Install Adobe CC product as a trial
  3. Run it once and close the program
  4. Open Adobe Zii (for Adobe Acrobat Pro DC, you need to enter an admin pass)
  5. Click ‘Patch‘ or drag the Adobe app to finish cracking with one-click
  6. Done!


  • If you have Adobe products installed in a directory different from Applications please use the drag & drop mechanism
  • If you have a Creative Cloud subscription for certain Adobe apps, you’d better not patch these products. Just patch the ones you have no license for
  • Moreover, If you have a trial active or expired after patching an app, nothing will change in the Creative Cloud interface, and the program will start without any issues
  • For aesthetic reasons you may perform a trial reset by running these two commands in the terminal:
    • sudo Kill all ACCFinderSync “Core Sync” AdobeCRDaemon “Adobe Creative” AdobeIPCBroker node “Adobe Desktop Service” “Adobe Crash Reporter”
    • sudo rm -rf “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLCache/” “/Library/Application Support/Adobe/SLStore/” “/Library/Caches/.”* “/private/tmp/zx”* “~/Library/Preferences/Adobe/.”*


More and more people are emailing us to ask if the latest version of Adobe Zii released by the following websites can be trusted.


My answer is pretty clear:

  1. Adobe Zii is just one of the best works of the TNT team focused on software cracking, which is as famous as some famous game-cracking teams like 3DMCODEXRELOADED, and SKIDROW. Moreover, There was never any so-called Adobe Zii Team.
  2. TNT never discloses any contact information to the outside world (only crackers with entry qualifications and capabilities can decipher to obtain the plaintext of their true contact information. The “” email address they recently use is also from an anonymous, encrypted email service
  3. Do you think any software cracker would be stupid enough to use their real information to sign up for a website just in order to distribute their work? In that case, they would have been caught in a pot by the police
  4. All TNT works can only be obtained from some famous forums with active crackers (usually an entry qualification is required)

Why do these sites do this:

  1. These guys are in the habit of registering a domain of the same name, writing a single post for various highly-popular cracked software to get significant traffic from Google (because when the name of some software is the same as the name of some website it shows up, Google will treat this website as the official website of this software by default – with an extremely high weighting).
  2. In the Internet world, traffic is money, money, money, money, money… That’s the only thing they care about
  3. Tamper with files to add a personal website, advertising, text, and also other promotional information
  4. What is more serious is the injection of backdoor procedures

How to distinguish their authenticity:

  1. It has begun to claim to be the official website of so-and-so software since its domain was registered
  2. The trick these guys use – is the official version number +1 (for example: when the official version is 5.0.3, it must be marked as 5.0.4 on these sites). This trick can effectively obtain huge traffic and a #1 ranking from Google
  3. Files vary in size (they tend to get bigger because of the injected bad stuff)
  4. The introduction of software is extremely confusing and also vague
  5. The place for the Download button uses all kinds of deception means

Download File

Zip Password –


  • So, just please stop asking any similar questions about this software. That’s all!
  • With this warning published, AppNee’s server could go down again. But now we can detect and block the attacker’s IP better than before. So, there shouldn’t be too many problems.
  • As to fling abuses via email, we’ve already solved this problem perfectly with keyword filtering in a local email client. That’s why you will receive no reply when your email includes some bad language.

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